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MVP Hosepack

The MVP hose pack is specifically designed for initial attack.  When fires are small, every second is critical for extinguishing the fire.  The MVP hose pack was developed and designed by a wildland firefighter for speed, comfort, and safety.    

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Red MVP Firehosepack staged after a wildland fire

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MVP Hose Pack in black.

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Fire Department Across the Country Are Using the MVP Hosepack

MVP Hosepack Red Or Black

Loading and unloading. The moment you get the MVP hose pack you realize it is intuitive and easy for your firefighters to use.

Glove friendly hose pack.  The pack design is proven to increase speed and safety.  Why? Firefighters will no longer waste time having to take their wet gloves off and waste time putting them back on.  Wow!  How is that?  Everything is over sized.  The MVP hose pack features big hand straps and buckles that allow firefighters to deploy hose without having to take their gloves off.

“Release and attack” design allows firefighters to engage the MVP hose pack with one hand and unroll hose with the other hand all in one motion. This saves critical time.

“Deploy and Charge” design allows firefighters to grab a second or third hose out of the pack easily.  No more struggling to pull hose out of the pack.  No more wasting time when a tall firefighter has to bend over while other firefighters struggle to pull out a hose roll.  This increases speed!

The Utility Pouch is able to carry mop up supplies and hose lay appliances—such as 50’ rolled ¾” hose for mop up, increasers, reducers, adaptors, tees, gated wyes, and nozzles.    

MVP Hosepack- Black or Red Buy This Pack Now 

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The Big Halo

The Big Halo is a pack designed for the departments that initial attack fire using the Smokey Pack, aka Lake George pack, and aka Travis pack.  This pack allows firefighter to lay hose as the firefighter walks.

Big Halo Hose Pakc with Hose
LAFD- The Big Halo Hose Pack Ready for Initial Attack

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The Big Halo
The Big Halo Empty

Initial Attack the Fire with the Big Halo

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Capital Hose Pack

The Capital hose pack is used for the Gazner Hose Pack.  It is easy to load and use.  It can hold 2 hose lengths and a third with extention straps.

Capital Hose Pack with Fire Fighter
Capital Hose Pack Front View
Capital Hose Pack Back View
Capital Hose Pack Side View

BurnGo Fussee Holder

Holds up to 40 fusees for fire engines, crew carriers, sup rigs, chief rigs, and any other rig that carries large numbers of fusees. Designed to take out on burn operations. Extra large hand grip to hold the bag while actively burning. Long carrying strap on the top can be used to go over a shoulder or to tighten down on for a long walk out in the forest, freeing up firefighter’s hands to perform other work or carry other tools. Adjustable side strap tightens down the fusees when there are less than 40 in the bag.


BrrmGo with Fussees on the Fire Engine
BurnGo with Fussees on the Fire Engine